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Basildon Stories
From London to Basildon and Plotland Memories - Part 2
by Beryl Cox (née Cook)

More Laindon memories

     I must now mention something useful which sprung from being in Laindon. It was through enquiries at the High Road branch of Barclays Bank, then situated close to the railway station at Laindon, that my husband was able to get permission for blind people to hold an account. He was told initially that it could not be allowed, but a little bit of persistence bore fruit, to the satisfaction of others without sight.

     One other little item. I can recall playing the hyms for the Spiritualist Sunday Service which used to be held at the British Legion Hall in Laindon High Road before Mr. Tom Price and others built with almost superhuman tenacity and determination, the Temple of Light in Bedford Road, Laindon. He had the most wonderful gift of Healing, which was demonstrated when he was able to put right the damage done by my son coming down heavily on his head, and seemingly putting both shoulder blades out of position. Whatever it was, my son was in great pain, but Mr. Price and his helpers in spirit put it right on the spot! I must just say something about Mr Price. He was one of the inhabitants of Laindon for many years, firstly at Ashleaves Avenue and later near the new church at Suffolk Road where he had a bungalow - Ferndale - next to his brother James. The corporation would later build over this and he was forced to move in 1974 to Somercotes Court, though still within Laindon. He passed over to the other side in 1984, aged around 83.

     I have one other small remembrance of Laindon, near the Fortune of War. My mum and dad hired a bungalow in Ladysmith Avenue in about 1936. They had to leave my elder sister, myself and two brothers in the bungalow while they did the shopping, taking the younger children with them. There was very long grass in the garden of this bungalow, and we were sure we had seen a snake. So mum and dad found us all standing on chairs with the door shut when they returned. Oh well! Better safe than sorry!

     I was very sorry the local shops closed down due to the building of the shopping centre. From Vowler Road my son would go on his scooter (not petrol!) along to the local shops for anything I wanted during his school lunch hour. This was tremendously helpful many times. No way would I send a child to cross two busy roads to the new shops. I wonder if mothers were/are consulted to get their point of view when planning. It is far easier to make two or three short journeys for what you want than to have to carry two or three heavy shopping bags in just one long journey. A car is not the answer for many reasons.

     We are sad that the area has had to change so much, but realise that it is inevitable. I would not like to live in a skyscraper if that were the only other option!

Title: From London to Basildon and Plotland Memories by Beryl Cox (née Cook).

Copyright: © Basildon History, November, 2008. Updated: January 2009.

Comments: This account was supplied by Beryl Cox for use on the Basildon History website.

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